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Jewel Spiegel started a wholesale artwork business in 1965 in downtown Englewood, NJ, supplying her own framed artwork and decorative prints to FAO Schwarz’s Fifth Avenue New York location for their then existing Children’s Furniture Department. She also provided art restoration in Englewood, NJ.

Jewel’s list of clients included other New York department stores. Her custom framing clients included museums and universities in New York and New Jersey. Her skills became legendary in the art framing world and began her retail business in 1970.

Art Gallery - Englewood, NJ

In 1982 Jewel’s business moved to a two-story 19th Century building at 30 North Dean Street in Englewood, New Jersey. In this ground level space, she and her team have served more than three generations of art lovers, framing valuable works of art as well as family photographs and decorative prints and posters.

“I love the day-to-day interaction with my clients, and the opportunity to continually be creative.”

Jewel received the prestigious award from the Professional Picture Frame Association for design and the use of archival materials.

The Englewood Chamber of Commerce has given Jewel an award for Outstanding Community Service and Leadership.

Jewel has also been honored by the Rotary of Englewood for Community Service.

Custom Art Framing - Englewood, NJ

Kelly McGarry

"I started framing in 1992 at a local craft store. I found that I enjoyed the work and continued to learn the craft of framing. In 1998 I became a Certified Picture Framer specializing in conservation framing. For the last 25 years, framing has been my full-time trade.

In 2001, I moved to Bergen County and found Jewel Spiegel Gallery, a gallery that cared about protecting art and preserving people’s memories. After meeting with Jewel and Mary, I was eager to join the team.

We put great emphasis on conservation framing and educating our customers on the proper care for their art, but we are also here to help our customers memorialize their achievements, their memories, and their heritage. These are my favorite things to work with.

After working with Jewel and Mary these many years, I have been inspired to continue my education and pursue a degree in Business. I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have been allowed, primarily from the support and love of my colleague Mary, and Jewel, my fearless leader."

Custom Framing - Englewood, NJ

Mary Moring

"Originally from Wisconsin, I started working in a frame shop in 1981 while attending school at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After graduating with a BFA in painting, printmaking, and photography, I moved to Brooklyn New York where I managed a frame shop in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

I continued to learn about conservation of art in various mediums and developed a strong appreciation for preservation techniques and have employed a doctrine that if something is worth taking the time and energy to frame, then it should be preserved the best way possible.

In 1997 I moved to New Jersey where shortly after, I met Jewel. At the time, I was looking for a position closer to home and thus began a wonderful relationship. Jewel has set the tone of the gallery as if you were coming into her home. She treats everyone with warmth and respect and has always conducted business with integrity and honesty, which is why she is working on the third generation of customers. "