Dale Weaver Totten

Untitled (Man and Woman Sitting on a Park Bench)

Watercolor and ink.
Image and paper: 13 7/8 x 17 in.
Excellent condition.

Inventory number: DWT141
Signed by the artist in blue ink.
A woman in a yellow dress and matching shoes sits on a park bench next to a man with his arm resting behind her.

Dale Weaver Totten (1938–2008) developed a distinct artistic style throughout his prolific and diverse career, from when he began exhibiting his artwork around 1960, until after he worked for The Walt Disney Company in the late 1970s and 1980s. His later artworks include original watercolors and drawings, which he created independently, and were an extension of his professional experience. His subjects are ordinary people engaged in everyday activities, and through the fluid lines of his pen, the artist captures the essence of their movements and their place in time.

This scene of a woman and man sitting on a bench, like many of Totten’s watercolors, is contained within a loosely drawn box. The bluish ink surrounds the two figures as if encapsulating a single, fleeting moment that the artist observed between them.

The Dale Weaver Totten Collection is available exclusively at Jewel Spiegel Gallery in Englewood, New Jersey. You may read the artist’s biography here.

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