Bracha Guy

An Evening Out

Serigraph, 20th Century.
Edition No. 91/295.
Image: 14 x 20
Paper: 16 x 24
Excellent condition.

Inventory Number: BG1003
Pencil signed and numbered by artist.
Two women, one in maroon dress and one in green dress.
Call for price: 201-871-3577

Bracha Guy was born in Israel and still lives there today. Her natural talent with color and form were apparent from an early age, and she has developed it into an extraordinary style. Guy has studied in Israel under the world-class painter Moti Mizrahi, who had high praise for her work. From 1970 to 1974, she studied the Avni School of Art in Tel-Aviv.

Ever since, Guy has been developing and perfecting a unique postmodern expressionism, creating a new language that combines color, form and space. Her artwork has been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries around the world.

The paintings of Bracha Guy shimmer with an appreciation of light and color and life itself. Her strong canvases are filled with intricate geometrics and bright, pure spots of color, with Matisse and Art Nouveau elements.

With color, patterns and intricate detail, Guy offers an unusual insight into the lives of women, from a feminine point of view. Sensual women in exotic, almost theatrical costumes and elaborate headwear adorn her world, their luminous skin reflecting the vivid rainbow of color surrounding them. Vibrant blooms appear everywhere, decorating tables, topping garden walls and scattered across the luxuriant fabrics worn by women.

During her early period, Guy’s works reflect a jewel-like palette of purple, teal, emerald, pink and gold. Like a flower unfolding, Guy’s work has blossomed and matured. Beginning in 1989, a new period emerged, with the birth of strong, bold, primary colors – vibrant reds, blues, and greens as well as vivid yellow and orange.