Maerten de Vos


Engraving, 17th Century.
Image: 7 3/8 x 9 5/8″
Paper: 11 14 x 14 1/8″
Excellent condition.

Inventory Number: 10352
Person charting; people building in background.

Maerten de Vos was a Netherlandish painter, active mainly in Antwerp. In about 1552 he went to Italy (perhaps in company with Bruegel) and worked in Tintoretto’s studio in Venice; he also visited Rome and probably Florence. By 1558 he was back in Antwerp, and after the death of Frans Floris in 1570 he became one of the leading artists in the city. The altarpieces that make up the bulk of his output show the influence of Italian Mannerism in their slender elegance, but his warmth of colour looks forward to Rubens and the Flemish Baroque.