Julie Inman

The Last Leaf

Serigraph, 20th Century.
Edition No. 301/325
Image: 24 x 29
Paper: 40 x 36
Excellent condition.

Inventory Number: JI1001
Pencil signed and numbered by artist.
Lilacs in vase with two small dishes.
Call for price: 201-871-3577

Born in Houston, Texas, the child of a naval officer, Julie Inman has traveled and lived all over the United States. She began drawing at the age of six when her parents gave her Learn-to-Draw exercise books to keep her occupied in the car on one of many cross-country moves. Inman used her drawings of cartoon characters to help her make new friends. Her formal studies began at the Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado, and were later supplemented with a B.A. from Art Center in Los Angeles, California.

Julie Inman sold her first painting at age 19 and for the next several years, she painted commissioned pieces for Marie Callendar Restaurants and illustrations for book jackets. After becoming a successful portrait artist in Lake Tahoe, California, Inman ventured to the New York area and worked as a portrait artist for a local gallery. She explains: “Throughout my career, I’ve always maintained that by giving one hundred percent to each and every painting, a mastery of technique and style would evolve. The adherence to this belief has made me grow as an artist.”

When Inman moved to Southern California, her style changed dramatically and she discovered her talent for floral studies. Painting with acrylics on canvas, she incorporates her sense of classic design with her love of traditional, elegant decor. They are not arranged as if by a florist, but naturally and artfully placed so that the viewer is visually drawn into the canvas. Julie Inman currently lives in Osborne, Kansas. The area offers the quietness and solitude Inman needs. “I am very isolated in my work, a hermit crab. My paintings are my connection to the world. I think that on some level, I’m painting a unique kind of portrait. My florals are the portraits of the people that I paint them for.

I have an intuitive sense when I meet someone as to what their style is. That intuition about who they are influences the flowers and colors I choose.”